Clearwater Billie Brake Light

Got any questions about the BMW's R1200RT/R1250RT's onboard audio, Bluetooth or the Electrical system?
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Re: Clearwater Billie Brake Light

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Taz wrote: Thank you. Please tell me sometime how you did that.
Not tricky, just a few steps.

1) I can see the URL for your photos, for example:, copy that to clipboard.
2) Paste URL into another browser window, removing the "s" from https.
3) Picture is displayed.  Right-click photo to download to my PC.
4) Reply to original post, and c[size=2px]lick the "+Attachments and other options" link below post.[/size]
5) Upload photos.

If you are just trying to paste a hyperlink to your photos in the body of the post, that's not going to work because of what I explained earlier.  You need to upload them as attachments.
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Re: Clearwater Billie Brake Light

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Got it, thank you.
So when is this “old enough to know better” supposed to kick in?
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