future owner (maybe)

General discussion of the BMW R1200RT/R1250RT
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Re: future owner (maybe)

Post by yankee_978 »

Thank you guys for all the good point of views that you gave me.
They've just confirmed my test ride on the 19th of August, I'll keep you updated [emoji6]

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Re: future owner (maybe)

Post by Paggers »

Once you have ridden one it will be too late to turn back  :be happy:
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Re: future owner (maybe)

Post by F800GT »

Paggers wrote: If, as your name suggests, you are coming to the R1200 from an F800 then you are in for a blast. That's the route I took. I was a happy owner of a 2008 F800 ST, until I took out an R1200 GS as a loaner while my F800 was being serviced. I had always assumed that the R1200 would feel big and ungainly but I was astounded at how agile it was. I didn't feel intimidating in anyway way, and so much more power than the F800! Of course the R1200 is a bigger and heavier bike, but that's something you get used to very quickly.

I exchanged by F800 ST for a brand new 2010 R1200 GS and later moved on to a water-cooled 2013 R1200 GS. I finally moved over to the RT late last year because I needed more weather protection for commuting.

Ironically I rode an F700 GS as a loan bike last weekend and it was an interesting experience going back after 7 years on a bigger bike. If you are interested there is a video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EXjbzZ6ssAk that will give you the view in the other direction - of an R1200 rider on an F700. Not quite your bike, but close.

You need to decide what you want to do with the bike - I'm actually thinking about getting an F800 as a second bike for weekend fun. But I can certainly recommend the RT if you want to move up to a bigger bike.
Yes, I have my F800GT and look forward to joining the R1200 world. I test-rode the R1200RS and it was phenomenal. However, the R1200RT features make it fit for long distance riding which i'd like to do.

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Re: future owner (maybe)

Post by Builder »

I came from the K1600 to the RT.
I came from a Harley Ultra to the K1600. I liked the Harleys, drove them for thirty years, however when I took the 1600 for a ride it blew me away.
The power and smoothness was unbelievable.
I had that for about a year. I am in my mid 60's and 5' 8" tall.
I found that the 1600 was a little heavy and tippy in the slow speed, especially with the wife on.
Tried out the RT and just fell in love. Such a low center of gravity and substantially lighter.
Found the perfect bike for me.
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Re: future owner (maybe)

Post by OOF »

I too have just come from a K1600GTLE and whilst it was a great ride (and surprisingly good in the twisties) the R1200RT (mines a 2015 wet head) is loads better. The engine is super responsive and it just goes where you point it. Might be a bit tight on leg room if you are long in the leg. The bike fits me well. I had an 1150 RT from new for 8 years and swore I wouldn't have another boxer, until I rode the current bike.
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Re: future owner (maybe)

Post by Stevecccc »

In my case it was all back pain driven, rode sport bikes for as long as I could (last 1 was the K1300s) what a fantastic bike that is. Now a R1200RT owner and love it, I have slowed way down compared to the K bike    :ninja:
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