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Problem with my auxiliary lights

Posted: Tue Oct 03, 2017 11:16 pm
by Rhun
Hi, I'm having an issue with the auxiliary lights on my rt. They're identical to wunderlich micro flooters however the branding doesn't seem to be there. I did not fit them so I cannot vouch for their age.

They were working brilliantly and then the other day on the motorway they went out completely and the switch had no effect on their workings. However I noticed once I got to my destination that they were now on. The problem is they will not go off at all even when switched off. Usually when switched on after 30 seconds of the ignition being off they turn off automatically. This is no longer the case so I've had to detach them from the battery. Any ideas? Missing my R right now thinking of all the Tupperware I may need to take off!


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