Oil change using an oil extractor (pump)?

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Re: Oil change using an oil extractor (pump)?

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David. wrote: One of the advantages of both these oil draining systems is, once fitted, you don't need to continue to screw a Steel drain plug in & out of an Aluminium sump.

Have had experience of a sump drain hole thread becoming stripped on an RT by the plug not being fitted correctly or overtightened by a.n.other.
(Managed to recover sufficient of the thread using a plug tap).

Also, after having a car serviced, the sump drain plug partially worked it's way out, was finger tight, again by a.n.other.

I can understand your reasoning. 

The a.n.other working on my bike is a BMW dealer technician, and I know I would get unfavourable comments if he found that the drain plug had been replaced by a non-OEM piece of kit (and he considers himself competent to re-fit and tighten a drain plug).  That's what stops me for now. 
If in the future I go back to changing engine oil myself I wouldn't even consider sucking the old oil out even if it was easy to do.  I would still choose to use the drain plug, re-fitting it with a new crush washer, screwed in by hand then tightened to the recommended torque using a torque wrench.
Not saying that's what anybody else should do .....  :)
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