Garmin BaseCamp - .gdb or .gpx files

Have you got a decent route to share with us? please post it here along the the gpx file for others to download and enjoy. We would love to hear about your best biking roads and routes.
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Re: Garmin BaseCamp - .gdb or .gpx files

Post by k9doc »

Just to complicate a little more. If you remove the shaping points on transfer, you have the option to also download the original (for comparison and possible future recalculation). You will end up on your device with the original plus possible alternatives. All very confusing. Unlike Way(Via)points, I think shaping points can be missed out as you navigate the route, whereas if you miss a waypoint, your device will try and take you back to it.

? What if the guy you are following has messed up when transferring the route and he is in turn following a bod who has done the same who lost sight of the bloke in front who is the only one with the correct route?
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Re: Garmin BaseCamp - .gdb or .gpx files

Post by David. »

For further accuracy, the co-ordinates of the destinations will be provided too.
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Re: Garmin BaseCamp - .gdb or .gpx files

Post by Levisp »

Casbar wrote: Myroute-app gets good reviews, rather than using Basecamp. Works with a Mac as well. Haven't tried it yet though.

Yes it does work well I use it to get routes into Sygic app on my iPhone. Unfortunately it does require Gold Membership to do this and its not cheep. It can also expand or reduce the number of waypoints on a route, reverse route and import and export routes of various file types.
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