Common Motorbike Accident Scenarios

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Re: Common Motorbike Accident Scenarios

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Frank123 wrote: Driving on the LEFT in this country.  Following a vehicle turning LEFT off the main road onto a side road when a 'young' car driver pulled out from the side road across my path. Thanks to this thread I decided not to overtake until I could see the road was clear ahead so narrowly avoided going over the bonnet of the car pulling out. So read, read and read again the scenarios it could save your skin some day! Regards

Yup that one is classic. I think the biggest problem I see on the roads to day is that drivers and to some degree riders leave their brains at home. As motorcyclists we tend to use our brains more but still at times I see mates do things that make me cringe. As for the average UK driver they are quite simply brain dead. Whats happened to them. Why can so few of them drive. What is it about 40 mph.

Always be aware of other road users and never assume they know what they are doing or where they are going. I had a driver recently going through a village in a 30 mph zone, see me in his rear view mirror, he then moves over, winds his wind down to beckon me to overtake him. How nice ! Only problem was it was on a double white lines which I would have had to cross and coming the other way was a bloody get big articulated lorry. What was he thinking !!!
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Re: Common Motorbike Accident Scenarios

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simbo wrote:
Does this only apply to 'road going' incidents?.. Just wondering because my Mum once said I was an 'accident'.. I'm kinda wondering if I might actually be a 'collision' now?  ;)

Well, like a rear-ender between two cars, your origins involve considerable contact between two "bumpers".  As far as "road going incidents",  it could have been a back-seat romance (not to cast aspersions on yer Mum, mate).  In any event, I'm sure you were one of those happy accidents.

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