Water pump weep hole

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Water pump weep hole

Post by timminator »

Took my 2016RT to dealer at 12K miles to get service reminder reset (did maintenance myself).  Pointed out that there was a bit of coolant occasionally leaking from the weep hole, and the dealer offered to replace the water pump under warranty.  Great deal, so I left the bike with them and got it back a few days later.

Bike is running great, no issues, but I noticed the bit of sponge material in the weep hole is now gone.  It's just a hole leading into the front of the engine.  I don't know if that sponge connected directly to the pump, or if was simply a plug.

I'm wondering if anyone else has had a water pump replaced, and if so, did they remove the sponge?  Seems like an open invitation to get dirt or water into the engine.  I'm thinking about pushing a little piece of backer rod or some similar material into the hole.  Thoughts?[attach=1]
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Re: Water pump weep hole

Post by Rod »

I think the hole is supposed to be open, its there to warn you of impeding seal failure. When you see fluid coming from the hole, break out the wallet. Only experience with water pumps was on the K1100 where you could get oil or water or both depending which seal(s) had gone AWOL.

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