Gel / Air seat cover

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Gel / Air seat cover

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So R&G now do a combined gel / air seat cover (ignore the bike it fits all) so you can pump it up for long rides or when deflated it helps with the gel inserts.Anyone tried one, what does the panel think?
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Re: Gel / Air seat cover

Post by gogs01 »

I've tried things like this in the past - Airhawk, gel pads, sheepskins etc.  Without much success.  >:(

Airhawk was either wobbly if inflated, or did nothing if not.  Gel got sweaty in higher temperatures.  Sheepskin was fine until it rained.  :(

My latest, and most successful, attempt at backside comfort on long rides is something called a "cool cover". -    It seems to do as the advertising says - fit and forget, allows a little air to circulate when it's hot, reduces the feeling of sitting in a puddle when it rains, and it might even give some amount of massage by changing pressure points (although I can't honestly say I've noticed that !).  Rather expensive for what it is, but possibly worth it after a few thousand miles, so recommended !  ;)

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