Rear PowerSocket

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Re: Rear PowerSocket

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Thanks for that.

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Rear PowerSocket

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Shakleton wrote: There is a power socket nestled under the rear seat for the pillion.

Can anyone inform me as to what current it draws please? (the manual is silent).

My wife has a pair of heated Gerbing  gloves and a heated Gilet (SHMBO likes to be warm). We have failed to get these to work so I am guessing it is like the front power socket which has a limited power draw?

I have wired an accessory socket direct to the battery for an air pump. Can I retire the pillion socket direct to the battery or do I have to run another one separately (Canbus etc)

Many thanks for any help, insight and wisdom
I believe, if I read the wiring diagram for my 2009 R1200RT correctly, the wire to both the front and rear sockets is 1mm (18 AWG):

This implies by the DC ampacity tables for wire that current should be limited to 12.2A for a 3-foot cable, and 9.1A for  4-foot cable, hence the 10A total limit for the sockets since both share the same positive wire (terminal 4 on the ZCU)...

So the solution is as others have suggested...install a connection to the battery protected by a fuse (and triggered with an accessory-controlled relay), or install a Hex ezCan.

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Re: Rear PowerSocket

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Here's an excellent explanation of the use of fuse size and wire size with Powerlet sockets.
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