"brake failure" warning - any ideas?

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"brake failure" warning - any ideas?

Post by ds99 »

2007 R1200RT

(non-servo ABS system)

I am starting to get the red "brake failure" warning text appear on the dash, when riding. it goes away if i stop and restart the engine, but comes back after 10-20 mins of riding

i've read a few forums about this and it could be....

- low battery voltage
- bad ABS unit (expensive to fix?)
- low brake fluid
- old/bad brake fluid
- bad ABS sensor/wire
- something else??

i have't used the bike in about 7 months

does anyone else have any insight into this?
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Re: "brake failure" warning - any ideas?

Post by B787MECH »

Could be a number of causes, I’d suggest getting a diagnostic test done to isolate the fault.

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