Machine Art Fender Extender R1250RT Review

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Machine Art Fender Extender R1250RT Review

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I have been asked to review the MachineArt Moto Fender Extender for the new R1250RT For the BMW club Journal
Available at Nippy Normans Part No: MAM-AV-RT1250
Arrived well packed, on opening I could see it is a well made quality product, with stainless steel fixings and pre thread locked screws

Fitting could not be more straight forward, as shown in the installation guide, it took just minuites to fit.

Once on its clear it will do a great job protecting the vulnerable front cover.
Some reviews worry it runs a little to close to the small fairings, but once off the centre stand and with suspension active there is plenty of room, at all times there is sufficinet clearance.
To sum up it looks factory fitted, it will protect the front cover, and it was easy to fit and secure once on.

Extender 5.jpg
Extender 4.jpg
Extender 3.jpg
Extender 2.jpg
Extender 1.jpg
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