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Cyclops LED on '16 or newer R1200RT or R1250RT

Posted: Tue Sep 24, 2019 8:44 pm
by markmdill
I have had Cyclops LED's on other bikes and really like the improved visibility.  I ordered for my R1250RT, two brights and the std light.    Unfortunately, as I started in I found it too hard.  Although Cyclops can do it without removing the headlight assembly (they do remove the speakers), there is absolutely no way I could have ever done it that way.  Even after seeing exactly how it goes.  My hands are average size, its more about how the clip that holds the lights in can come loose, how little room there is to shove all the parts into the light assembly.   

I tried to remove the headlight assembly, per Cyclops recommendation, but found there were way too many parts, hidden screws, tabs, Velcro, etc to get to it, so I gave up.  I called my BMW shop but they said they didn't know how to do it, since the 1250 was so new, and the Cyclops lights void all warranties.  So I called Cyclops to return.  They mentioned that every State Police bike in Washington has them, so I decided to figure out how to do it myself.....

First, I found a Haynes manual online for the 2016, which appears to be identical to my 1250 in terms of the body design.  It was $20 for an annual subscription, so I got it.  Glad I did.  The steps to remove the headlight are very clearly detailed out.    I followed it very carefully, making note of the bolts that had the spacers, and noticed some even had longer spacers, so I wrote it down as I took the parts off.    The sequence was basically;  windscreen Side Fairings, mirror, front fairing, top pieces;  nothing was hard, just take your time.   

Some tips;  Once you get the headlight off, go sit down, don't try to do this on the floor.    The Cyclops instructions were not clear to me, so I called them and talked to a guy that does all this without removing the headlights.    The keys;    Remove the Base from each Cyclops light, and then remove the lights from the bike, put the base units in with the clip.     

Once that is done, put in the left side light, its the easiest.  Put in the large parts first, then the light.    I noticed there were two plugs on the cyclops light, but only one on the back of my OEM light.  So I asked, and he said to unplug the black wire that is attached to the mounting plate on my bike, once he said that it was obvious.  I used that female for the male from the Cyclops.   

Next, do the middle light.    This one is tricky.    Unscrew the Cyclopes LED wire from the housing, that leaves you about 3" of wire to the LED.    Plug the other end into the Canbus they sent.    Working through the RIGHT high beam housing, use your fingers to find empty space.  You'll notice the space is at about 10:00 to 11:00 as you look from the back.    First, pass the plug that will attach to the light through that space and fish it so it comes out the middle light.    Next, shove all the parts (the Canbus and the LED for the middle light) up into the Right side hole towards the 10:00/11:00 direction until the Cambus and the black box for the middle LED are stowed away.      Once that is done, you can then insert the middle light into the base that you've already attached, and plug it in. 

Last, do the right light.  You'll push the black box towards the same 11:00 direction, there is room for it.   

One other tip;  as you remove the panels it is good to take a photo.  As the panel goes back you might use an available threaded hole to put in one of the screws, and find out later you needed that hold for another panel that screws through both pieces, it is easy to mess that up!  so take notes, pics, or use a better memory than I have. 

HOpe your install goes faster than mine! 

Re: Cyclops LED on '16 or newer R1200RT or R1250RT

Posted: Fri Oct 25, 2019 5:31 pm
by gary45
I am trying to install the Cyclops LED, there is + and - on the Cyclops plug, wondering which connection on the bike plug is positive. One connector has 2 wires the other 1 wire.
I have everything on the bulb undone but the bulb is refusing to come out, almost like glued in place

Figured it out, very tight fit, had to remove headlight to install, now just need to get bike back together