Pannier problem

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Pannier problem

Post by Pacecat »

I have a problem with the left hand pannier on my 2015. When the pannier is mounted, the handle will not latch down to secure the pannier to the bike. I think the problem is that one or both of the plastic cams in the recess for the mounting lug is not being pushed in far enough by the mounting lug on the bike. I need to access the latching mechanism on the pannier. Has anybody any experience of this or any diagrams? I don't want to end up with springs and screws flying everywhere. Thanks
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Re: Pannier problem

Post by Casbar »

I had it on my 2014, but I just sprayed everything with contact cleaner, then put some spray lube on it and it started working again. So no advice on stripping down I'm afraid
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Re: Pannier problem

Post by David. »

I believe that the panniers/side cases are the same on a Wethead 2015 as those fitted to a K1600.

Have a look at this thread from the K1600 Forum reporting similar problems & possible solutions, ... ase.33497/
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Re: Pannier problem

Post by beemerboy9 »

These panniers need to be mounted "just right".

I have to take mine off and re-seat it, which normally works.

My panniers are only mounted when I go on vacation as I use a top-case for the rest of the time.

I found an old 2005 accessory brochure - back then a case with lock barrel was £370 ($450)!
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Re: Pannier problem

Post by scunny12 »

My left hand pannier is also difficult to attach, although my dealer said they found no issue when I flagged it up to them. Right hand side goes on first time every time, but left side takes half a dozen attempts at placing just so, before it finally locates correctly.
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Re: Pannier problem

Post by LAF »

My 15 RT was terrible in this regard.  My right side bag would do as described and the only thing that worked was also to take the bag off, and install it again.  It was a real pain and it did it when the stars aligned.  Only when it felt like it, never consistent or every time.  I just lived with it until i traded it on the GS.  I did tell them and they said it was no big deal and they could "adjust" it.  Not sure what they did or if it was even looked at.
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Re: Pannier problem

Post by Sprintgull »

Mine was awkward too.  Turned out to be the little plastic gromet thingy around the mechanism on the bike not being correctly seated.  Been fine since.

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