Oil Filter...?

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Re: Oil Filter...?

Post by kioolt »

My understanding is that the oem filters don't have an anti-drainback valve.  On my R1150RT and K100LT it wouldn't matter anyway since the filters are installed with the open end up. 
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Re: Oil Filter...?

Post by David. »

Could it be a problem on an R1200RT Wethead were the oil filter is mounted on its side.

On an R1200RT Camhead, not sure I'd want the oil filter hanging lower than the sump. Possibly why the shortest one of the three is used on these bikes.
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Re: Oil Filter...?

Post by Old-Git »

For clarity, the original oil filter sent to me, the one that is boxed in this photo, is labelled correctly - however the part inside the box is incorrect. The HiFlo filter is the correct size for my LC.
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