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Greeting from a new member

Posted: Sun Jun 14, 2020 5:24 pm
by Citroen
Greetings, I just sold my '14 FJR ES and purchased an '08 RT, that has 48,000 kilometres on the clock. My last BMW was an '81 R100 RS, wonderful old airhead, then I moved on to  Ducati ST3, great bike, hard on the bones after a while, great for the maintenance learning curve. Then I bought a FJR '14 ES - great reliable bike but I could never get used to the multi cylinder and the weight. So I decided to move to an '08 RT, specifically because it is an easy bike to ride, easy to maintain and relatively low kilometres. The bike has the options I wanted, ESA, cruise, and no radio, it has the 49l top box, cylinder head protectors and highway pegs. I am flying from Calgary to Ottawa to pick it up next week then ride it back - this will be this years big trip as Covid 19 runs it's course. I figure that i learned to set the valves and belts on the Duc so the RT is a piece of cake in comparison. I have enjoyed lurking on this website, a great deal of good information.


Re: Greeting from a new member

Posted: Sun Jun 14, 2020 7:15 pm
by tojjer
Welcome buddy,

Great choice in motorcycles!
I previously had a FJR too. Great bikes, but I much prefer my 2016 RT LE.
Enjoy the ride back, stay safe, and you'll have many happy miles ahead of you I'm sure