Lincolnshire Wolds

Want to arrange a local meet or ride out with like minded people? Then please post about it in this section with all the details and dates.
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Re: Lincolnshire Wolds

Post by beemerboy9 »

An excellent weekend ride exploring the Lincolnshire Wolds with just a couple of road closures to upset David's carefully planned routes. Chilly mornings with just enough sunshine to maintains the smiles and some good P&T breaks.

Skegness the town is probably an acquired taste and, for some. worth braving the traffic queues to enjoy.

Thanks David for arranging and Markus (TEC) for your company.
John Bentall
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Re: Lincolnshire Wolds

Post by David. »

Thank you John for making the suggestion of the Lincolnshire Wolds. Lincoln made a perfect meeting place between London and Stockton/Darlington.

What we did learn was, that when dealing with road closures, it's best for me (ride leader) to have my sat. nav. navigation recalculation mode "off". This does not mess up the bespoke planned route. Markus (TEC),  then used the "detour" option on his sat. nav. and led the ride until we were back on the planned route. I then took over leading again.

For a successful tour, you need a ride leader & TEC working together for the benefit of the paying customers!

I enjoyed the nostalgia trip to Skegness. The half price breakfast at £4.50 kept me going all day with the "take away" option providing a picnic at the P&T stops on the way home.
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