R1200RT/R1250RTP Rear suspension & pressure washing.

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R1200RT/R1250RTP Rear suspension & pressure washing.

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A note received through work in the UK where there have been a few failures of the rear suspension due to the effects of pressure washing, for your info (edit: non ESA).

At the base of the rear shock absorber there is a rose joint which had seized resulting in it shearing off. It transpired that the bikes having issues had been regularly cleaned with a pressure washer resulting in water getting behind the seals and ultimately leading to the joint seizing up. This joint is a non-serviceable part and can only be inspected with a full strip down of the suspension unit , something which is not routinely carried out when police bikes are serviced. BMW are quite clear that bikes must not be cleaned using  pressure washers as it can lead to mechanical and electrical failures as well as invalidating the warranties. Can you please make your riders aware of this issue as failure of this joint at speed could easily lead to a catastrophic incident.[/font][/size]
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Re: R1200RT/R1250RTP Rear suspension & pressure washing.

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One reason i don't wash my bikes
Trust me am a retired Doctor and lecturer at Oxford University of Structural and Mechanical engineering.
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