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Re: R1300RT?

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Ok... the mirrors work for people who sit upright and never lean against a tank bag to relieve back pain... I get that.
For anyone who needs to be able to see while in an alternative seating position these are not 'on-the-fly adjustable' .... That's ok too. I will add extra fairing mirrors to allow for this.
BTW dont strap a bag in your pillion seat that overhangs your paniers as it will block all view in the low mounted mirrors.
On the bright side they are aesthetically pleasing and very nicely integrated into the fairing.
Since a high percentage of motorcycle accidents are rear collisions by cars I would suggest there is no mirror system that really cuts the mustard.
Helmet mounted Head-up displays employing a rear facing wide angle camera are beginning to look like a necessary addition to the safety tools at our disposal. Cars are tonnage projectiles.
How safe is too safe? How dead is too dead?
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