Time for new tyres soon

Best tyres and oil for your R1200RT/R1250RT get other users opinions here.
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Re: Time for new tyres soon

Post by Levisp »

Excellent so you have gone for the 023 GTs. 9000 miles for the Z8 is very good will be interesting to see how the 023 GTs wear. When you have done a few miles please give us an update on how they compare with the Z8s. New tyres always feel great, its when they are half worn it becomes a little more interesting.
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Re: Time for new tyres soon

Post by beemerbaz »

Watch this space, as they say :-)

I always had Bridgestones on my Blackbirds but don't recall getting much more than 8000 miles out of a rear, I guess development etc has moved forward in the 10 yrs since my Hondas.
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Re: Time for new tyres soon

Post by David. »

The 023 tread pattern looks slightly similar to the Z8 with the "Pi" design, particularly the rear.


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