2011 R1200 RT

General discussion of the BMW R1200RT/R1250RT
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2011 R1200 RT

Post by step2534 »

I am new to this site but it looks good.

Ive just purchased a 2011 1200 rt.  Ive had RTs for 12 years both 1150 and 1200, my last one being a 2005 model which I sold in March.

The last one did 56000 miles and the 2011 one has done 4500 miles.

Im just curious , this one seems quite viby through handlebars I never noticed it on older model, will it get better with mileage?? or am I imagining it to be worse than it is.

Also it seems to be heavier on petrol than the last one Its showing around 50 mpg on computer BUT I don't think its anywhere near that. I know this will improve with mileage.

I am impressed with it Im just a bit disappointed with vibration, it was serviced by BMW 600 miles ago.  Does the twin cam vibrate more??

Re: 2011 R1200 RT

Post by guest2360 »

I would say its the difference in mileage on both the mpg and the vibes. Slightly odd service unless its on time. Assuming it had its initial service at 600 miles its not due another one until it get's to 6600.  I would give it good seeing to on some quiet roads, probably settle it down.
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Re: 2011 R1200 RT

Post by chrisvh »

I had problems with the vibes because of a wrist injury. I fitted Grip Puppies and they removed the problem altogether. Highly recommended!
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Re: 2011 R1200 RT

Post by stever1 »

+1 for grip puppies
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