Offence of Neglect !!!! Oooops

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Offence of Neglect !!!! Oooops

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RTman 10  I was reading your post re dropping k1600  Yep adrenalin does make us do super man things.

I have just returned to a BM R1200rt, Ive had them for the last 15 yrs and to be honest haven't had any issues at all, having done over 95000 miles.

Now I fancied a change (as you sometimes do) so I got a F800GS (big mistake) With wife and luggage too top heavy for my liking

( Now comes the neglect)

So Im in Germany on day 10,  4 bikes and Im the leader.  Come up behind stationary traffic, left foot down,  no road surface (we ve all done it)

Lean bike slightly to left, wife goes to left with bike (adrenalin hasn't kicked in yet ) " Slide off, slide off " I shout  " cant touch road " is reply.

Yes down we go, very gently though I must admit.  Wife falls off (not very gracefully and lies in road )  So we pick bike up,  Not even a scratch (priorities)

Then, yes the dreaded sound of sirens within what seemed like a minute German police are there, they've already called a ambulance.

I just new this was all going to go tits up, it did.

Wife taken to hospital, no injury released within 20 minutes and given some paracetamol.      Bit of over reaction on their part.

Anyway they are now looking in to prosecuting me for Neglect    Don't they realise  Sxxt  really does happen especially to us motorcyclists and it doesn't

matter how experienced you are, certain  events/situations catch you out.

I aren't particularly worried about it cos wife got a form through asking her if she wanted me prosecuting . ( I think she said no or at least she said she did)

Aye  youve got too laugh really    Keep shiny side up.

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Re: Offence of Neglect !!!! Oooops

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Laugh or you'll cry, 
That's happened to me more than once but I had no idea it could be deemed an offence (in any country)

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