What to do on a cold day

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What to do on a cold day

Post by beemerbaz »

What do you do on a cold day such as today, I could be dusting the bike down or wiping a bit of WD40 in a couple of important areas or just talking to the bike about warmer days to come !
Am I the only one that misses bringing the bike out for no reason whatsoever. I am no fair weather rider but won't bring the bike out for the sake of it if the weather isn't suitable. Having said that tho the weather will have to be bad to stop me riding to the NEC on Thursday for Motorcycle Live.

(Trying to keep the forum going too in the winter)
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Re: What to do on a cold day

Post by guest2360 »

I agree. As long as its dry and there's been nobody out with a gritter I will always try to get out for a quick 40 or 50 mile round trip once or twice a month from Nov to Feb.  So its a no no this week so far. I have had fun on the 1600 forum this week though over the merits of the RT over the 1600. Discovered today the pillion seat on the RT is considerably larger than the 1600GT. 
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