Experience Riding in The Gaspésie?

Going on a touring trip? please tell us all about it. Or do you have questions on touring feel free to ask away.
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Experience Riding in The Gaspésie?

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Good evening all,

I'm planning a my big summer trip this year from my home north of Boston, Massachusetts up to Gaspé, Quebec with some friends. As a former V-Strom rider, I'm noticing all the dirt roads coming up in my mapping app and getting excited, but now being an R1200RT owner with less-than-offroad tires (and my friends being in similar situations on their cruisers), I'm wondering if anyone here has experience with the dirt roads on the peninsula and could offer some insight as to just how rugged they are. Specifically, I'm looking at the route du lac-Sainte-Anne between QC-299 and QC-198 in Murdochville. Unfortunately the Google StreetView cars haven't been brave enough to map it, nor can I find any video on YouTube of the road so I'm plotting blind!

Any insights would be greatly appreciated!
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Re: Experience Riding in The Gaspésie?

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Crash bars front and rear and engine bash plate. The good thing is you are all on Tarmac (pavement) bikes. The good thing is you are on the more capable for that time of riding. Keep it on the pavement no problem take it off and, well, skill and luck on new routes will play its part.
Steve Sharkey just did a short 3 day tour of Wales and got on some tracks he maybe able give better advise.
Best of luck it looks like great trip.
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