Keyless ride - new fob - how to enable ?

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Keyless ride - new fob - how to enable ?

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I got my new fob for the key-less today, and the dealer told me to hold it into the instrument cluster for some time - with the ignition on.

I have now tried every possible trick I'm able to find on the net, but no luck.

This remote dos not work with the alarm or locks - and not able to start the bike.

The new key - had my win number attach to it - and I'm able to use the key in it to open the bags etc.

What is the secret to have the second fob working ?????

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Re: Keyless ride - new fob - how to enable ?

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The VIN shows the physical cut into the key's blade.
The electronics now has to be programmed by the dealer and their computer. This is according to my dealer here in the states.
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