2015 R1200RT w/ Scala Rider Q3 Bluetooth

Got any questions about the BMW's R1200RT/R1250RT's onboard audio, Bluetooth or the Electrical system?
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2015 R1200RT w/ Scala Rider Q3 Bluetooth

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BMW Audio System, temperamental at best.  Using the Scala Q3 with a previous 2012 1200RT, 2012 K1600GT, and now the 2015 R1200RT --- why do I have to re-pair it to the Helmet 1 so many times.  It seems to make a difference whether I have the Scala turned on before I start the bike, or after I start --- but even then, it's not consistent.

And Cardo seems to want the phone paired to channel 1 and the bike to channel 2 --- I don't notice any difference and the phone always takes priority as it should, on either channel. 

Any tips?
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Re: 2015 R1200RT w/ Scala Rider Q3 Bluetooth

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My Cardo Q2  kept dropping out so I reset it to default then `re-paired ' it ,  I'm guessing its  a similar unit, anyway, if it helps,    I set  the `V+  (top button ) as user 1, for the Sat Nav /phone, and the V-  button  (user 2 ) to the phone WHEN I am not using  the Sat Nav.  Check you have pressed and heard the `connected beep' on button 1 the `intercom'  which takes a few seconds to actually connect.

( all very complicated I know, -  it took me several attempts to finally sort it out  and came close to being permanently `sorted with a hammer !! )    >:(

ps - - you can set up optional  preferences on the Cardo Website via the USB cable supplied which may also resolve the problems experienced.  I would check the settings on here first incase this is where the problem is ?    ;)

NOTE: Pairing will replace any existing paired device with the new device.
If you have purchased the Q1 TeamSet, the retail package contains
two pre-paired units.
If for any reason you have to pair them again, OR if you wish to pair
another unit, proceed as follows:

1. Check both scala riders are in Standby (single BLUE flash every
3 seconds).
2. On the Q1, press and hold the “IC” button for 5 seconds. The
LED will begin flashing RED and the Q1 will now be in intercom
pairing mode.
3. Enter intercom pairing mode on the second unit by following
the device’s instructions. Both units will now be in intercom
pairing mode.
4. After a few seconds, the Q1 will show a solid RED light for 2
seconds, indicating that it is paired and ready to use.
NOTE: If Pairing is not completed within two minutes, the units will
return to Standby mode.
Make Intercom Call Tap “IC” or speak any word loudly into the
microphone to call via VOX
End Intercom call Tap “IC”
Use VOX to make Intercom Calls using only your voice (see section
4.6). VOX Intercom calls will end automatically after 30 seconds of
IMPORTANT: VOX and AGC performance will vary based on
environmental conditions including driving speed, helmet type and
ambient noise.
For improved performance, minimize the wind impact on the
microphone by using the large microphone sponge and closing the
• If another paired scala rider tries calling you via Intercom, the call
will begin almost instantly
• To receive a CTL intercom call see table in section 5.5
Click-to-Link is the spontaneous, “social” feature of your scala rider.
Use Click-to-Link to make intercom calls with other scala rider
users near you without pre-pairing.
Click-to-Link can be disabled on your Q1 effectively blocking any
attempt by others to make Click-to-Link calls to you.
If you want to… Perform this action:
Start a CTL call request
(search lasts up to 10 seconds)
In standby, press “MM” for 2 seconds
End a CTL call /
Cancel a CTL call request
Tap “IC”
Accept a CTL call When hearing the CTL ringtone:
Tap “IC” or say any word loudly to
answer by VOX
Reject a CTL call Remain silent until the CTL ringtone
stops or press “IC” for 2 seconds
(Default: ENABLED)
Via the Voice Menu (see section 4.5) or via
the Cardo Community
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