Rest Stops

Having problems with the BMW Navigator V VI or the TFT display?
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Rest Stops

Post by Budman »

This may seem fairly simple for some but for me it is not. I have a Nav V,and I want t be able to see upcoming interstate rest stops on my trip this summer. Is there a way on the Nav V to highlight this information?


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Re: Rest Stops

Post by Spencert231 »

Hi Budman, I am not sure if that's possible to programme rest stops. However, my Nav V does show rest stops, fuel stops, etc along the route I have selected. You may want to have a look at Basecamp and select your own rest stops and the satnav guides you to them. I am definitely no Basecamp expert, but watched the tutorial and looks fairly straight forward there are lots of information for you on YouTube. Hope it's some help
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