Home from the road.

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Home from the road.

Post by Budman »

Ill make this post pretty  quick.  I just got in about an hour ago from a 6000 mile ride out west. I left on June 3rd and home on the 26th. Nice shower and dinner. Ill do a ride report later but just a couple observations:
6000 miles in varying altitudes from 520 feet to 12,426 feet.
Temps from 39 degree's to 103 degrees.
Average fuel mileage was 46 MPG. Out west the best gas you can buy is 91 octane.
No issues with water pump, or leakage or switches.
Tires were set at 38 front and 42 rear,TPM was not consistent and varied by one or two pounds. I checked the tires regularly and they held their pressure.
The bike was over loaded when I picked up Ann in Flagstaff Arizona. She had lots of stuff. The Wundersitch rack on the topcase worked great and held up to a heavy load.
She rode 3150 of the 6000 miles.
We go married in Yellowstone National Park. Mammoth Chapel is very cool.
I could not be happier with the bike. The Suburban Machinery  peg lowering kit helped my knees, the Iluim bar risers are great, Wolfman makes great products and really are waterproof. The Iluim fat foot works well.
The Kathy Bags are well made and fit well in the side cases.
Ztechnik windshield held up well even in the hail that got us in Jackson Wyoming. Good protection.
The family and friends loved following us on our Spot.
IF you get to Utah, ride Utah 12, Devils Backbone, great road!
Go to the night lighting of Mt Rushmore, its very inspirational.

Ok that's it for now. Ill try to get a detailed ride report out soon. Heat beat me up pretty well today.


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Re: Home from the road.

Post by Spencert231 »

Congratulations Budman on marrying the second love of your live, but don't tell her she plays second fiddle to a motorcycle she would kill you.  I too got married this year (three times for a Welshman) flew from here in France to Australia after a tour around got married in Port Douglas, best time ever.

Look forward to your full ride report your debrief so far was mouth watering. Any reason why you was riding with the front 2lbs heavier on the front or am I thinking of one of my other bikes? You certainly have quite a bit of after market accessories on the bike.
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