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Post by step2534 »

Ive been with BMW Insurance for the last 15 years.  Im 63 yrs old , never had a claim and hold a advanced certificate

Ive just had a quote for fully comp on a 2011 RT come through this morning and its gone up by £61  theres also a £10 renewal fee (whats that about)

Ive had a on line quote from Bennetts and its £136 to cover everything except breakdown, I think that's reasonable.

Has anyone here had any dealings with Bennetts ??  Thanks
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Re: Insurance

Post by Catfunt »

As with many things nowadays it seems that customer loyalty is rarely rewarded. I now shop around for deals and then approach my existing company to see if they will match it. Sometimes they will but I'm finding more often that they won't. I therefore take my business elsewhere.

I was with Halifax bank for 15 years - mortgage, insurance, banking etc - but when I got divorced a few years back and needed a bit of leeway for just two months they wouldn't even listen despite my perfect financial record. I moved to another bank as soon as possible. The moral of this story? Never expect any service business to consider you as an individual and lways be prepared to spend your money elsewhere.

IMHO of course.
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Re: Insurance

Post by Levisp »

Catfunt well said. When will companies cotton on to rewarding loyalty ? I'm like you always shop around if I'm not happy with my quote. Pain in the ass but thats modern business for you.
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Re: Insurance

Post by bunny2585 »

Been with Bennetts for years, brilliant service.

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