Vancouver Island and/or BC BMW Dealers

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Vancouver Island and/or BC BMW Dealers

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Does anyone know if there is a BMW dealer on Vancouver Island other than Island BMW? Not much competition if there isn't! Is there a dealer on mainland BC in the Vancouver area that anyone might recommend? I am looking for a new 2015 or 2016 R1200 RT?
Thanks. Cheers.
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Re: Vancouver Island and/or BC BMW Dealers

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Nope - the dealer in Victoria is all there is.  You are right about there not being much competition on the Island.  I am at the opposite end of the Island (a nice ride, mind you), 5 hours or so of riding.  Still, I don't think that there is any compelling reason to spend plenty on ferry fares and accomodation to shop on the mainland - my 2-cents-worth.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Alan in Port McNeill
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Re: Vancouver Island and/or BC BMW Dealers

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Yes, just the one on the Island. You might find a better deal over on the mainland, but there is also the dealer relationship that one typically has when you buy and service at the same dealer (just a thought). I still get 10 - 15% off parts and receive regular discount offers...just a few weeks ago I received a $100 gift voucher for parts, with no time limit to use and it applies to any sales purchase in the dealership.

I'm in White Rock and use Pacific Motosports out of Richmond. I have purchased a few bikes through Dave Clark in sales and they have been great to deal with. If you do get in touch with them, I have a $250 gift voucher for referral that you can have (just a thought), which I think is still useable an applicable to additional sales incentives from the dealer/manufacturer.

I just picked up a new R1200RT from Dave earlier this year, and like my last purchase experience, this was a good one. Fair price and great after sales from Dave and the crew at Pacific Motosports.

Hope this helps.
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Re: Vancouver Island and/or BC BMW Dealers

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Apparently pacific sports are no longer a BMW dealer??? Just the one in the lower mainland now!
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