'15 RT = no ticket

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'15 RT = no ticket

Post by wayneosdias »

So I made a right turn on a red light that had a "No Right Turn On Red" sign. I honestly didn't see it and was in an unfamiliar area. I was promptly pulled over by California's finest. I was sweating the fact I didn't have my registration, proof of insurance or drivers lic on me. The cop asked me how I liked my "new RT" and told me how he couldn't wait to get his "new RTP". We swapped stories about the pros and cons of the hex heads vs the wet heads for a few minutes and before I new it he let me go with a warning. :)
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Re: '15 RT = no ticket

Post by ichavis »

Nice.  I had the samething happen in the city I live in,  the officer told me to confess for my crimes and he would knock the ticket down in court.  He boasted his years of motorcycle riding and how he did not believe i really even tried to stop.    Officer never showed up to court and ticket thown out.  On the other note,  my friend is an ex CHP officer,  he told me that they were retiring the old oil cooled fleet and getting the water boxers.    The old ones were being sold by the state really cheap and being gobbled up by the officers or friends of them.    end of story.  Glad you did not get a ticket.
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Re: '15 RT = no ticket

Post by Spencert231 »

Similar story here in France. However, I was on a new Triumph Tiger 800 (roadie) he pulled me over for exceeding the speed limit on a national route sat behind me for miles before he put his lights on. Luckily for me a few weeks earlier had attended the Bike Safe Course where I had a police rider behind me all day so I have adjusted and de-sensitised myself to seeing that image in my mirror without getting too anxious. He checked if I had realised I had exceeded the speed which I informed I had and was apologetic, he liked that. The next 15 min was discussing the bike which he had not seen in the flesh, he even sat on it. I asked him if he wanted to ride it on his day off he could, he liked that also. It ended up with a few pleasantries and I went on my way, result.
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Re: '15 RT = no ticket

Post by OrangeOkie »

Here in the greater Oklahoma City metroplex almost all the local constabularies still ride Harleys (Norman OK ride RTs.)  The Highway Patrol have got the new RTs along with Laser.  They are deadly driving to work on I-35 in the morning while it is still dark. Invisible. They park along side the highway in their black Darth Vader leathers, standing next to their rocket RTs and hit you with laser as you come upon them.  They have really slowed down the traffic over the past few months.

History of Troop MC

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol Motorcycle unit, now designated as Troop MC, was originally known as the “Flying Squadron” and was in existence during the first years of the agency from 1937 to the early 1940’s. Those first troopers riding 1937 Indian motorcycles made up a large part of the force during those early years. The unit was re-formed in January of 1999 with two troopers riding Harley-Davidson Road King police motorcycles and has since grown to twelve riders with an addition of the Harley-Davidson Electra Glide, BMW R1200 RT-P and the Suzuki Hayabusa. The members of the unit are assigned to work in the OKC and Tulsa metro areas and their duties include traffic and special emphasis type enforcement, providing escorts, attending public relations events and assisting other troopers as needed. Beginning in 2012, with funding provided by the Oklahoma Department of Transportation, the unit will now spend more time on a “Motorcycle Safety Education Program”. This will include the training of drivers to share the road with motorcyclists as well as rider safety training classes. This effort is primarily focused on reducing motorcycle mishaps, especially those resulting in injury or death.[/size]

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