PDM60 Setting with Heated Gear

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PDM60 Setting with Heated Gear

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Question regarding what to set the PDM at for heated gear. I have a PDM60 installed on my 15 1200RT, and I have connected my Gerbing wiring harness to circuit 4 which is adjustable to 15 Amps. My question is regarding what to set the PDM60 to for different levels of heated clothing. In other words, if I'm wearing the Gerbing jacket and gloves with a combined amp rating of 8.6, what is the most appropriate rating to set the PDM at? Should I go with 10 amps, or can I get away with 9. I guess my ultimate question is, how close do I need to adjust the PDM without tripping the circuit or setting it so high that the equipment or wiring is in jeopardy?

I hope that was clear.
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Re: PDM60 Setting with Heated Gear

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Have you cut the fuse off the Gerbing wiring harness.

Gerbing recommend, "ALWAYS Use the lowest rated fuse that is rated ABOVE your total calculated current draw. (please refer to fuse choice instructions/table supplied with battery harness)."

The Gerbing Fuse Pack will probably have a 10A Fuse which would be the one to use for a current draw of 8.6A.

The max. Fuse rating is likely to 15A & if the max. PDM60 adjustable output is also 15A, the equipment or wiring should not be in any jeopardy.

Therefore, set the PDM60 at 10A & see how you get on.

This article from BikeWorld, http://www.webbikeworld.com/heated-moto ... -liner.htm, confirms the above theory of Fuse selection.
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