Sena SMH10 pairing with 2015 LC

Got any questions about the BMW's R1200RT/R1250RT's onboard audio, Bluetooth or the Electrical system?
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Sena SMH10 pairing with 2015 LC

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A newbie to this forum and would like some advice regarding BT pairing my new Sena SMH10 duel head sets. Just purchased them from the NEC motorcycle show. Presently both headsets are paired together. However I believe there could be a correct sequence to pairing each item/items.
My ride is a 2015 R1200RT LC with audio system, a memory stick (MP3 music albums) into USB port, BMW navigator V sat nav.
a) I would like to pair main headset with my mobile phone.
b) Have intercom main headset with passenger.
c) Both main and passenger headsets Listen to Nav V directions.
d) Listen to music in helmets of main headset and passenger.

What is Multipoint pairing of SMH10 and do I need it?

Can above be done? can anyone assist that has had successful experience of above. Many thanks. Roy

Re: Sena SMH10 pairing with 2015 LC

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First things first. The NAV V will only pair to one helmet. The audio system also will only pair with either Helmet 1 or Helmet 2 position but not with both. Only BMWs own Bluetooth kit will pair with both.
There is one system that will allow the second headset unit to receive everything the first one gets. That might just be Multipoint pairing but I'm not sure.
What sequence you connect things in should be shown in your headset instructions. Anything in the bike's book will only relate to their own kit.
Had you asked the question before going to the NEC I would have strongly advised you to connect an Autocom system to the audio unit. It is the only system that allows you to connect everything to both helmets, GPS, music, phone and gives you full control by the wheel.
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