Anyone use Bluetooth earbuds?

Got any questions about the BMW's R1200RT/R1250RT's onboard audio, Bluetooth or the Electrical system?
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Anyone use Bluetooth earbuds?

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Hi all, hope you're having a good Christmas/New Year. Has anyone used BLuetooth earbuds? I want to hook up with my iphone satnav app (stored in my pocket). Don't need phone calls or any of that stuff.
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Garmin zumo 660 for the RT

Post by Bikerman1042 »

Has any one out there who has managed to reprogramme a Garmin Zumo  to that as installed on the BMW sat nav?

I reckon its a matter of time before someone manages to crack this one

Re: Anyone use Bluetooth earbuds?

Post by guest2360 »

The software is quite different and as the 660 has been out of production for some time I doubt anybody will try.
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Re: Anyone use Bluetooth earbuds?

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  I don't know if you found your blue tooth earbuds yet, but I just ordered a Sena SMH5-02 for my helmet. Small speakers install in helmet, with a small non boomed mic. It says it will play music, give audio commands from google maps, and work with phone comm. When I get it set up in my helmet and paired with my iPhone I'll get back with a report. C
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Re: Anyone use Bluetooth earbuds?

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Yes, twice now I've attempted earbuds, once with removable ear foam pieces in situ, again with them removed, but in both cases the helmet is too snug-fitting to allow them to be worn in comfort. Indeed, my helmet could not be put on with the earbuds in my ears without pulling them free and rendering them useless. I am glad I have other uses for them since it seems this application while riding won't be one of them! :-\
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