Are After Market Parts Too Expensive?

General discussion of the BMW R1200RT/R1250RT
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Are After Market Parts Too Expensive?

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Ok... I have had several other bikes and scooters.

I have always thought that after market parts are pretty expensive... and now with BMW - it is the same... or worse!

I would say that LC parts are at least 30% more than the same item for other bikes.

And what is interesting is the fact the parts for pre 2014 R1200RTs are also cheaper than the post 2014 products.

For example - 2 x square inch fog lights for the LC can cost as much as a huge driver / passenger leather Saddlemen seat for a Harley Electra Glide!

Or am I cheap?


Re: Are After Market Parts Too Expensive?

Post by guest2360 »

I agree. And when you realise the mark up,on aftermarket kit can be as high as 60% it shows why dealers are happy to stock some of it.  The solution. Don't buy any of it .I will,only fit aftermarket stuff if BMW don't supply like stuff. After sales service is always going to be better and in most cases you warranty is twice as long.
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