Alloy Wheel Cleaning

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Alloy Wheel Cleaning

Post by aweight »

Hi All,

I wanted to share a quick tip on cleaning alloys on the RT, something that's been bugging me as they were never "really" clean.

Last wash I used wonder wheels (Halfords) to give them a really good scrub and they came up really well, then I used Autoglym alloy wheel protector (Halfords too)- what a revelation!

Spray on, remove overspray from tyre - leave to dry overnight

Washed today and the waster beaded off the alloys like magic, back to perfect with no effort - will need reapplying every few washes but highly recommended

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Re: Alloy Wheel Cleaning

Post by NSrider »

Great tip, thanks! Assuming you're in the UK?
I'm in Canada & use ArmourAll wheel protectant, does the same job and well worth it.
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Re: Alloy Wheel Cleaning

Post by falconmick »

Here's a website you may find useful, some of the members are a bit OTT to say the least, but some useful tips to be had:-

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Re: Alloy Wheel Cleaning

Post by richardbd »

Given how "delicate" and vulnerable to cleaning fluids most of BMW's metals are, you'll probably wake up tomorrow and discover you own a unicycle...\

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Re: Alloy Wheel Cleaning

Post by Levisp »

Good quality wax will do the same job to protect clean wheels. Wax is non abrasive so can do no damage. It is designed to create a barrier so dirt cannot get ingrained into paintwork. Works well on delicate plastic particularly the clear plastic windscreen which is all to easy to scratch. A well waxed surface makes cleaning so much easier.

Re: Alloy Wheel Cleaning

Post by guest2360 »

That's my solution.  Wash them then spend a bit of time putting on wax polish.
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Re: Alloy Wheel Cleaning

Post by blokeonthemove »

I got some stuff called Bilberry juice for the car which had some really stubborn dried up residue on the alloy wheels, goes on clear then after a few minutes turns purple, after a rinse I was truly impressed, when dry the wheels were clean and had a good shine. It's non toxic and really great for the planet as well. Not cheap though. I am not connected to the company and don't even have bilberrys on my porridge.
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