Worn final drive ?. Advice needed

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Worn final drive ?. Advice needed

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Hi guys.
Had my 1997 RT1100 mot'd this morning & she passed with a couple of advisories. The main issue is play in the back wheel. Not much but was noticed by the mechanic. From an Internet search It looks like it's wear in the swingarm to FD pivot.  What is involved to fix this ?. Are there any tutorials out there / on here ?.

Many thanks

Re: Worn final drive ?. Advice needed

Post by guest2360 »

I think your main problem after 19 years on the road will be getting any worn bearing out.  I would suspect that if they said there is  play in the wheel it will be the rear hub bearings that are worn not the swing arm ones. 
I would advise a quick visit to a dealer and ask for their advice before diving in. You might find any movement is within acceptable limits especially as it got through its MOT.
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