2008 valve tdc

Technical aspects and performance of the BMW R1200RT/1250 RT
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2008 valve tdc

Post by Hodge »

I am about to do a valve check/adjust and have watched a couple of vids but....

I have seen the straw method. just stick it in the plug hole and  advice such as use the lug.  it does seem a bit heath robinson, when i,m actually measuring 1000ths of an inch in clearance but using a guesstimate to set TDC

Does anyone have any pics of this or is there a more scientific way
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Re: 2008 valve tdc

Post by David. »

2009 BMW R1200RT Valve clearances, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ut3lSfZWJ3s

Around 5 mins in to this video, it suggests there is a TDC mark.


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