Headlight removal?

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Headlight removal?

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I bent the female prong on my last low beam replacement on my 2014, it's not ruined but it will need to get bent back and everything tells me it'll require a full headlight removal to do correctly.  For now, the bulb is held in with one prong with no problems and I plan to fix the prong when it's too cold to ride.  Does anyone have advice or parts removal process for the headlight assembly?
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Re: Headlight removal?

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I had the same problem from the factory on my 2016.
I decided to remove the headlight assembly to install an LED bulb.
It is an easy task, you just have to take your time. It took me approx 2 hrs to remove & reinstall with sometime looking at the LED lamp replacement installed to see what I might have to do.
You will find that you have to remove the L/R upper panels, then move to the Screen, & then the panels under that. Just make sure you have all screws removed on panels that seem not to want to come off. If I remember there is 1 panel that when you have removed the visible screws doesn't want to come off, it is held on via post /grommet...I think it was the cover panel under the screen.
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