Hello from an F800GT rider

General discussion of the BMW R1200RT/R1250RT
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Hello from an F800GT rider

Post by F800GT »

Hi there,

Just wanna say hi. I've been enjoying my F800GT for a few years, wonderful bike on twisty mountain roads.

I am here to find out about other BMW products. I see a lot of R1200RT on the road and it seems to be the motorcycle of choice for law enforcement both in Europe and in the USA. I'd like to try it out one day ... but at over 600 lbs, that's a heavy motorcycle.

Anyhow, wanna say hi.
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Re: Hello from an F800GT rider

Post by Bradyman »

Hey F800GT, I can relate.  I/we have been riding an 800GT for the last 2 years and loved it.  Mine is a 2014 orange model and we put 12k on it in 2 seasons.  As of 2 weeks ago a 2015 R1200RT is parked next to it.  Here are some of the reasons:
1.  We are 90% 2up riding and I found the 800GT a bit shy on torque and with a fairly high geared 1st gear.  On several occasions starting on a hill fully loaded got pretty sketchy.  The 1200 is loaded with torque and has that cool hill start brake feature.
2.  Weather and wind protection.  With the 800 I had to wear ear plugs to preserve my hearing.  The adjustable windscreen on the 1200 it puts you in a near windless and quiet bubble.  It also allows for much colder temp
3.  We needed a more luggage/storage space.  The 49 liter top box just doesn't look right on the 800.
4.  More comfort for longer mileage days.  The 800 was comfortable up to about 250 miles per day and the 1200 should let us go quite a bit further without having to limp at the end of the day.
5. Got a smoking deal on the 1200  ^-^

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Re: Hello from an F800GT rider

Post by Sooty57 »

Just 'moved up' from an F800GT to an R1200RT LE a couple of weeks back. My wife and I wanted to go touring, and the 800 was just a bit too short on luggage and seat space for us in our advancing years (I'm 59, the wife is 50).
Although the 1200RT looks like a bit of a barge, it really doesn't seem anywhere near as heavy as it looks. I have found it reasonably easy to manoeuvre about without the engine running, even with my dodgy hip. The amazing thing to me is how it becomes weightless at anything above the speed of a moderately fit tortoise. Indeed, I actually find it easier to ride two-up in town than the 800.
I would say find yourself a dealer and borrow a demonstrator for a couple of hours.... you might be surprised a what a manageable bike the 1200RT is.
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Re: Hello from an F800GT rider

Post by Paggers »

My first BMW was an F800 ST - the fore-runner to the F800 GT. I went from that to an R1200 GS. To be honest I had never considered moving up to the R1200 because in my mind it would be bigger, heavier, and harder to ride. Then the dealer gave me an R1200 GS on loan while my bike was being serviced. I couldn't believe how different it felt to what I had expected. The low-down weight of the boxer engine meant that it actually felt easier to handle at times than my F800. I was sold and fairly soon the F800 ST was replaced with a brand new R1200 GS.

After riding 2 GS I decided this year to move 'up' to the RT as I wanted a bit more weather protection. At very slow speeds it still feels a bit of a handful compared with the GS due to the extra 'top weight' of the fairing - but that's just a case of getting used to it. As soon as it is moving it has that same confidence-inspiring ride that my GS did.

I can wholeheartedly endorse the suggestion that you take an RT out for a test ride. Just one caveat - don't do it unless you are willing to find yourself buying a new bike afterwards!
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Re: Hello from an F800GT rider

Post by limesgmt »

My first BMW was also the 800st as well, I loved the thing. It handled exceptionally well but unfortunately kept blowing up (piston slap)
It was traded in for a 1200st, good two up but just lacking the large top box so I took out an RT demonstrator.
The bike  fully loaded, two up,  handles so well you wouldn't think anyone was on the back, instant power, great handling,comfortable and the best weather protection on any bike I've ever ridden. I bought one.
It is a bit of a handful pushing it around, but as said above, once it is moving there is no weight.
Ask for an extended test ride and see if it suits you and your partner and as Paggers said " don't do it unless you are willing to find yourself buying a new bike afterwards!"
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