2007 R1200 ABS fault - Power supply to pump motor faulty

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2007 R1200 ABS fault - Power supply to pump motor faulty

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Hello everyone,

I have a nov '07 R1200RT with the brake fault light on.
I checked the bike with my GS-911 and it returned the following error:
"24048: Power Supply to Pump motor faulty
The fault is not present now."

So... After some research on the internet and this forum (  ;D ),I suspected the coals on the abs pump motor to be sticky (it's a new gen abs without servo brake) and so I took the whole thing apart.
To my surprise, the abs pump motor is fine. It's got 5-6 ohms between the pins and when I connect it to some 12V it starts rotating normally. Also, the pump seems fine and the two pins inside can move in and out freely, nothing seems stuck.
So I thought that I might have unstuck the coals or something while taking the motor away from the pump and I decided to put the whole thing back together.
Back for a test ride and... The brake fault light is back (  >:( ).
I just checked and it reads the same fault code as before (I cleared the fault when I reinstall the module in the bike).
No other fault code is present on the bike.

Does anyone have any idea(s) on what I could do next?
The GS-911 does not have the option to check the abs pump with the non-servo ones.
I saw some people having battery issues causing the same sort of fault should try to replace it? (I checked it and it's got 12.65V at rest, the alternator seems fine as it gives 14.4V when the bike is running but I don't know how old is the battery).
Or should I just give up and replace the abs pump unit? (second hand is 400€ shipped and a new battery around 120€ for a gel one)
Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Ride safe
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