Morocco map?

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Morocco map?

Post by Terry_RT »

Greetings riders,
I have the NAV5 installed with the common upgrades and still happy. But this summer I ll be traveling to Morocco and Tunisia and I saw that the maps on the Garmin website and very expensive. Is there any way to install maps on my own, or it's only via download?

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Re: Morocco map?

Post by Sleuth »

There is an option using  However other than using it to create a couple of maps of the USA & Europe for the computer a long time ago, I have not tried to install it on to a Garmin.

User discretion is required, and you are responsible for any damage, lottery wins or trip enjoyment that results from installing it to your device.  (Just saying!)

Enjoy the trip.

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Re: Morocco map?

Post by guest2360 »

Have a search on Google for Garmin maps.  A friend of mine recently purchased a mini USB loaded with the whole of North America for a reasonable price.  I'm sure one must exist for  North Africa.
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Re: Morocco map?

Post by blokeonthemove »

I used open streetmap on a Morocco trip in 2011, it was fine and integrated into the Garmin well. There arn't that many roads in Morocco .
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Re: Morocco map?

Post by ballistic »

I bought the Garmin Morocco map and found it to be rubbish, compared to Europe City Navigator etc.
Next Morocco trip, I used the Open Street mapping.. fantastic!
It's free, so give it a try.
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