The offside rule

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The offside rule

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A few months ago there was a discussion (sorry, can't remember the thread) about the 'offsiding' rules for IAM and RoSPA. This is in the context of intentionally riding on the wrong side of the road to achieve improved forward visibility around bends. IAM RoadSmart have recently changed their guidance on the activity, with the new guidance being laid out in the below blog post.

I thought I would share as it was a topic of some interest to a few people. Personally I think the guidance makes a lot of sense and pretty much aligns with how I ride anyway.
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Re: The offside rule

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When its done well there are no problems  but done badly  :ownzed:      As an observer and LOA  I have to be careful when out with associates ( and some observers)  that they don't use my position as an indication of where they should be, which means I often ride very differently depending on the situation and riders I am with.

Out with the right crowd and its OK to stay out to maintain a view  but not to gain a view.  Good clear view and its not going to upset any other road users  I would take the straightest  or longest route deepening on what was most appropriate.    I've paid to use the road  I'm going to use all of it.  But equally  Ive paid to use the National Health Service but I don't particularly want too
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Re: The offside rule

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We spent an evening discussing this with an Essex motorcycle cop at a RoSPA group meeting some years ago.

His point was that if you have a good view and want to improve it, then consider off-siding.

As the previous contributor has said - don't off-side to gain a view that you do not already have.

I probably use the off-siding techniques once or twice per year.
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