2015 R1200RT Adding Radio

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2015 R1200RT Adding Radio

Post by cameochacmool »

My 2015 R1200RT has touring package and many features but not the radio option.  I was wondering if there are real speakers already installed on the bike OR if I choose to assemble the bits and pieces needed to add the radio option, that I would also need to purchase the speakers? Does anyone know? reason is that I've found a bargain priced audio control unit, which is the most expensive item, and yet all the other pieces are also not a bargain... let me know if anyone knows so I don't need to open up the  bike.. thanks
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Re: 2015 R1200RT Adding Radio

Post by SweRT »

Usually no speakers without the radio option and it's not a big deal to remove the cover to check. Two screws, see photo
Speaker cover.JPG
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Re: 2015 R1200RT Adding Radio

Post by timminator »

There will definitely not be speakers installed if your bike doesn't have the audio option.  The other consideration is whether the wiring harness has the necessary plug for the radio, and the speakers.  If not, it might be quite a trick to get that all installed and then integrated into the bike menu and wonder-wheel. 

Good luck, hope it works out for you.
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Re: 2015 R1200RT Adding Radio

Post by Taz »

Having taken the fairing apart to fit my Darla lights I can confirm that the grills are just blanks. If you are looking to install a radio you might also need the control buttons that go on the left hand lower fairing infill panel - again these will be blanks at the moment. Last but not least there is the radio aerial and there is no wiring fitted for this.
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Re: 2015 R1200RT Adding Radio

Post by beemerboy9 »

You should ask yourself exactly what you are going to do with the radio.

Will you listen to the Radio (FM/AM?) or Sirius or an iPod or a music on USB stick.

Using the on-board speakers is not nearly as good as listening through speakers/earbuds inside the helmet, though some are satisfied with them. Do you have a passenger who would also like to hear the music?

Once you have sorted the above, then research whether you could get the same features for less dough by using a combination of other products.

If you go the OEM-radio route, you may need the visit a dealer to get it coded to the bike.
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