Banker and ex police bike

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Re: Banker and ex police bike

Post by guest4915 »

You see many motorcyclists who try to achieve this effect for what ever reason.
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Re: Banker and ex police bike

Post by heathy65 »

What a muppet. I know a couple of folk who wear old motorcycle police jackets in the winter as they're top quality and warm. The bike with a raised blue light is too much. The light will have been emoved by the police when the bike was retired, so someone has re-installed it, along with the badges and battenburge. No excuse as clearly done to deceive.
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Re: Banker and ex police bike

Post by Ganesh »

It was unfortunate the Magistrate believed the twaddle he came out with, it seems a prety straightforward case of trying to impersonate a police officer. Adding the stickers and lights was a bit obvious as to intention. Just goes to show how much trust you can have in bankers (presumably investment types) and their consultants.
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Re: Banker and ex police bike

Post by simbo »

Every 'polite wearers wet dream.
The GS 'is' the better bike :-)
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