Luxembourg speeding ticket ... 12kph over

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Luxembourg speeding ticket ... 12kph over

Post by stayingupright »

Got a letter this morning from Luxembourg saying that I'd somehow managed to get myself a speeding ticket on the motorway (I think!)
They possibly have me confused with someone else as I obviously never speed  :silence:
My main question is .... Is this in any way, shape or form enforceable?

I will quite happily stay clear of their huge country from now on if it helps me to not empty my pockets of €49
I was born with nothing and unfortunately I still have most of it left.
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Re: Luxembourg speeding ticket ... 12kph over

Post by exportman »

My Son got a ticket in Holland last year.   
Didn't know about it  guess the  letter got miss-routed byt the postal services.  Next time he arrived at Schipol he was detained until he had paid the fine
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Re: Luxembourg speeding ticket ... 12kph over

Post by heathy65 »

Afraid you are as were still members of the EU and they can and will chase you.
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Re: Luxembourg speeding ticket ... 12kph over

Post by BoB21 »

lol congratulations Kevin.  Afraid they can chase you. But I believe Iconics are exempt speak to BMW customer services.
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Re: Luxembourg speeding ticket ... 12kph over

Post by Levisp »

Well thats a bugger. Think I would just pay the 49 euros and forget about it. I got caught a few years back with 4 other mates in Luxembourg. On the spot fine of 80 euros for speeding and not having a GB sticker on out rear number plates. After a little banter they dropped the speeding ticket and fined us all 40 euros for the missing GB sticker. I personally did not think we were speeding however I wasn't going to argue with 3 cops with guns. Guess it went to the Christmas party fund ! Such is life. However I was still pissed off losing 40 euros of beer money.
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Re: Luxembourg speeding ticket ... 12kph over

Post by Sleuth »

Speeding ticket?

I would pay up, if it were a parking ticket then ignore it.

We received a parking ticket in Germany, and they never chased us.

If they have your details, depending on the agreement they might be able to assign baliff's to teh case.  (They do that in the Netherlands to Belgium.)

Depending on the agreement, it might be enforceable or it might not.  NL to BE it is, but a friend thinks FR to BE is not.  At least he ignores the speeding tickets there.  Not sure about LU to UK.

Best regards, Sleuth
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