ADVMonster LED issues?

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ADVMonster LED issues?

Post by Jack_the_Lad »

I've been following a number of threads on a variety of forums in an effort to decide which LED replacements to go with for my 2018 RT. I eventually selected ADVmonster, based in part on some very helpful & highly informative posts by people far more knowledgeable than I.

Flavor of the day seemed to be ADVmonster LEDs and just about everyone who tried them reported success.  I haven't been so lucky and I'm now looking forward to the unwelcome "entertainment" of uninstalling - either trying to find another LED or just giving up and getting the best/brightest conventional bulbs I can find.  My previous bike was a GSA with factory LEDs, and it still astonishes and disappoints me that the factory lighting on 2018 RT is so piss-poor. Anyway...

I sent the following information to the vendor yesterday morning, but have had no response which isn't what I was hoping for, although to be fair I bought the high & low LEDs in back in October but only installed them a couple of weeks ago.  Not having small hands, and not being very familiar with the headlight assembly anyway, the installation itself took a ridiculous amount of time involving a lot of disassembly and reassembly of fairing panels etc.  Typical BMW - first you remove the rear wheel and exhaust system...

"A couple of weekends ago I finally got around to installing the three bulbs in my RT, and took advantage of good weather yesterday to go out for a long ride.

After installation, everything checked out fine, GREAT light output, no Canbus errors.

When out riding, all was well for the first two or three hours, then I started seeing intermittent Canbus errors followed by a permanent warning that both low beam lamps had failed (although in fact they had not, and were still lit).

After an hour's stop for lunch, the same again - no issue at first upon restarting, intermittent warnings after a couple of hours, then permanent warnings.

After any shutdown, even very briefly, the Canbus warnings are gone, but now it only takes about 1/2 hour or so before they return.

Ambient temperature was in the 60s.

Much as I'd hate to return these lamps
[to be fair it is way past any reasonable return window so I do not expect ADVMonster to take them back]- and I REALLY don't want to waste effectively a full day stripping the bike down again - obviously Canbus errors are not acceptable.

My guess is that this is a heat-related issue but beyond that I'm a little lost.  Any suggestions please?

Does anyone have any ideas please?

If ADVMonster come back with something to say that the problem has been identified and here's the fix - whatever it is - that would be wonderful & I'd go with it, but I am very reluctant to go through all that nonsense again unless it was a definite solution.  I haven't read anything that says the other well known vendors have better products, but that info may be old.

Someone has just pointed out - 100% correctly - that I expressed myself very badly here, so an addition is needed:Dual high beams not low, on an 18 RT.

The warning triangle appeared, top left of the Nav VI, which when pressed, gave duplicate messages (one above the other) about low beam failure - I forget the exact wording.

At the same time, the little bulb failure icon was lit on the main dash, left side.  No change when using high beam (all three lights lit).


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Re: ADVMonster LED issues?

Post by Sprintgull »

I thought about sticking LEDs in my 2016 but decided against it after reading so many bad reviews.  The main issues are (I think) poor light pattern due to the reflector being designed for conventional halogens, and, bulb failure errors (like you have seen).  I think the last one is due to the low current draw fooling the canbus into thinking the bulb is not working.  For now it looks like good quality halogens are a better bet.
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