Cruise Control Issue

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Cruise Control Issue

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See if you can help out of this one. I didn't want to do a double posting so here's a LINK to my original MOA posting.

Re: Cruise Control Issue

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The only bike I saw with the same issue as yours was a Camhead and the dealer put it down to a broken switch and managed to get a "goodwill" repair from BMW in form of a brand new switch as the bike was just four or five months outside warranty. You should try the same.

I would strongly advise against dismantling those switches because:1) Internal components are lacquer-coated and need to be treated again to make them waterproof2) Individual spare parts don't exist (just easier to buy a whole switch off a crashed bike)3) If you have ever attempted dismantling and reassemblying one of those "new style" switches you know losing your sanity is just not worth it  ;)
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