First Ride Out of the Year

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First Ride Out of the Year

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Yesterday I rode out 160 miles, first trip of the year (apart from short hop for new tyres and mot) for me. No big deal, except that I had a total knee replacement last October. Lowered footrests, gear lever tip extender and adjusting the lever downwards has made changing gear bearable, and although I'm having issues with the bend my leg is strong enough to hold the bike up and push it around. I did pick a crap route though so no pics, can't wait for summer.
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Re: First Ride Out of the Year

Post by OldKid »

Good to hear you managed fine, neighbour had a knee replacement this year and is happy as 'larry' with it, doing virtually everything she used to with no discomfort.

All good to hear as my knees ain't great after a lot of running and sports.  Thought they would be shot by now but still hanging in there, becoming a 'couch potato' (well not quite but no sports now) has helped, right knee does start to give a little trouble if too much getting on and off but liveable:-).

Anyway will likely have some queries if I have to have some spare parts!

Enjoy and hope all continues to go well with knee and bike.....
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Re: First Ride Out of the Year

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Glad to hear you've been able to get out on the bike. I also had a knee replacement (in Dec) and have recently been out for my first exploratory ride. It's my right knee so have no trouble changing gear and don't really use the rear brake but I try to make sure I stop on flat ground so there's no chance of the bike starting to lean over too much. All good so far but still need to be careful and not overdo it. As I'm sure you're aware it takes a long time (approx12 months) to get full function back but it'll be worth it I'm sure! Best of luck and keep up the exercises!

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