Extended Warranty

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Extended Warranty

Post by MikeS »

Took out the extended warranty on my last bike in September last year. Paid up front because I presumed I'd be keeping it.

I thought you could only cancel if you paid in instalments so when I traded in last week expected to lose half the policy. However, flicked through the terms and conditions booklet and found in the small print that you can cancel and get a refund pro rata.

Quick call to BMW and refund of 170 quid (after £25 admin fee). Happy days.

On reflection, I suppose it's like any other insurance policy, you have a right to cancel and request a refund. They were clear to point out that any claims would have meant no refund.

Thought it might be mentioning in case anybody else is in the same position.

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Re: Extended Warranty

Post by Casbar »

Thanks, trading my bike next week hopefully and my extended warranty is paid unto June, not sure if I will get much back, but worth trying :)

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