Looking for Aftermarket parts and Accessories for your BMW R1200RT/R1250RT or found something useful you want to share? Or just a general question?
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Post by Easyrider5258 »

Anybody use one on R1200/1250RT where did you mount it ???
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Re: Quadlock

Post by PeteM »

Not mounted a quadlock but wanted to mount a GoPro remote control, bought one of these https://www.nippynormans.com/r1200s/wunderlich-adapter-for-sp-connect-fitment-on-stub-handlebars and mounted it on that on the left side.

Stupidly expensive for what it is though
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Re: Quadlock

Post by Jack_the_Lad »

I use this http://www.wunderlichamerica.com/motorcycle/1250269.html with a RAM ball mount.

Again, stupidly expensive for what it is.

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Re: Quadlock

Post by Kabish »

Was just looking for the same, I've always used ram mounts but Quadlock is supposed to be pretty darn solid.  Always willing to give something else a go.
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